Orta San Giulio, Italy

Orta San Giulio, Italy

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Orta San Giulio Italy

It is a town with sea in an unexpected Mediterranean region. Orta San Giulio has its doorstep on the bank of a homonymous lake before which the steep slopes of this tiny peninsula are wrapped up. Its medieval helmet is completely pedestrianized, giving a nostalgic touch differential touch. Here, every street allele is dispatched day by day, which is the most picturesque and most beautiful with infinite family stores, iron balconies and porches that are lost on the lake's horizon. And at the highest, the Sacro Monte de Orta, the patrimony of humanity, which is not little.
Recommended airport
Lugano (LUG)
Points of interest
  • Isola San Giulio
  • Sacro Monte di Orta
  • Lago de Orta
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